A 'consumers meter tails' question.

I am doing a new build and want to locate the suppliers cut-out and
meter in the garage but have the consumer unit in the house. The
distance from the Meter to the Consumer Unit (CU) is about 15M.
What I want to do is install a breaker on my side of the meter in the
garage and run an armoured cable underground to the house and consumer
unit. Is this permissible.
There is no indication in the On-site Guide although it does show the
possibility of a main switch between the meter and the CU. I have also
heard that there is a limit of 5M on 'tails' but again the On-site Guide
does not mention this.
Thanks, Brian
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Well, inside a building, it's called a submain and has to be approrpiately rated (eg 25mm^2 for 100A supply). It also has to be overload protected at the meter end, ie not just a breaker but an overcurrent device at 100A (for example). In your case it sounds as though the garage is separate so more rules may apply - in particular earthing arrangements. The usual limit for meter tails is 3m but this may differ around the country.
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Bob Mannix
Thanks Bob, I am happy to comply with any over current/breaker and earthing requirements, as well as cable size.
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Yup, in fact over a certain length of tail (which varies with supplier) you need a switch fuse isolator at the start of the cable run to the CU.
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John Rumm

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