Uniross battery charger - seeking foreign mains adapter

I have a Uniross Sprint 90 AA battery charger. I use it quite a lot
overseas, using a conventional foreign->UK adapter but those things are
always a PITA, especially as they are bulky, the pins never grip very
well, and the weight of a loaded charger is often enough for them to
just fall out.
However the mains plug-in bit on this charger is readily removable,
obviously to enable Uniross to sell the same product in many markets -
you often see the same thing with wallwarts for mobile phones etc these
days - mine came with a full complement of adapters which I can swap
over in other countries. Unfortunately however the Sprint charger
doesn't provide them.
Anyone got any bright ideas as to where I could get hold of a US and
European version of the plug-in bit? I tried emailing Uniross - to
their credit they actually replied, but were totally unhelpful.
There has to be a better way than buying a whole new unit in the US and
just dumping the charger part!
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Use a short extension cable to separate the charger from the wall socket.
If you make up the extension cable with a foreign plug and UK socket on, it can replace the conventional adapter and be useful for other things too, especially when hotel bedrooms have one socket in inconvenient places.
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