tool review: Trailblazer Snow Auger by Union Tools, never shovel snow again

My snow shovel broke, so I went to buy another ($10) at Dollar General but noticed these Snow Augers next to the shovels. The augers were $15. I figured it wouldn't work well, but I figured I could always take it
back if it didn't work.
I got it home and attached the handle to the base with a couple of bolts, washers, and nuts. It works great. It pushes the snow to the right. Way easier and faster than shoveling and hurling snow. If you live in the snow belt, I highly recommend it. It has this metal screw/auger thing that rotates the snow to the right. Because it only pushes the snow to the right, you can only push it one way on your driveway -- starting at the left and working to the right, or starting in the center and going counterclockwise outwards. It only took about 10 minutes of easy pushing the auger to clear my driveway. It usually takes 30-40 minutes of hard labor with the shovel.
I still bought a shovel for the porch and steps.
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