Slightly OT, but... Small Automatic Generator...?

Yes, this may be OT, but you folks seem to know
I need to get an automatic backup generator, but my needs
are unusual:
The fully automatic units I can locate are all in the range
of 7000KW.
I need something on the order of 5-10KW. So, compared to the
"standard" residential backup unit, the one I am looking for
is really tiny. But given my actual needs, anything over
that (approximate) capacity would just be money wasted.
Might any of you suggest sources for such a small (but fully
automatic) generator?
Very sincere thanks,
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Hi again,
My numbers above are all screwed up... (Hey, but only by a factor of a thousand, or so)
Most of the automatic generators I see are on the order of 7KW, and I need something on the order of a tenth of that...
Thanks for any help,
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You may be able to rig something up but be very sure of what you're doing. 3 years ago 2 people died of Carbon Monoxide when they ran the generator in an attached garage with the big door open. Almost foreseeable. 2 years ago 2 more died. From the picture in the paper I'd kind of thought the several feet from the house would have been enough. Using a generator is dead serious business. Don't guess.
750 watt inverters can be had about anywhere.Having enough battery capacity can be a problem though. Running out of power way better than not waking up. YMMV
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Hello again,
I thank you for your comments, but...
Unless I have misinterpreted your idea, a small generator + an inverter will not provide me the automatic (that is unattended) coverage that I need.
I am trying to find a backup solution for the fairly frequent situations in which we are away from our home for several days.
Thanks again,
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Mostly just warning about Carbon Monoxide and this may not be a DIY project. Besides self starting (detect the loss of AC) you need a way to keep your AC from going out of your house. Where it might electrocute someone that doesn't know about your source.
Have only looked at generators casually. Suspect if you can find what you want it may be as much as a more powerful mainstream generator set up.
The inverters would run off a battery(ies). Enough capacity is needed to run it till the power comes back on then it would recharge from the AC. I've only looked at this as far as running my furnace manually. So far have resisted because seldom have a need. Of course now I'm thinking about it again. :) Good Luck. Be safe.
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