Looing to buy a totaled out 03 Pathfinder.. Any BodyMen out there for advice

This is at a body shop down the road. It is a 03 Pathfinder LE loaded with everything. 15K miles from a town 30 miles away. This car took a hit on the driver side. It took out the left finder it did hit the wheel and took out door. I saw the pictures of the wreck. It took no engine damage. Really did not look to bad. The wheel did take a hit. I do know the fellow who owns the BODY Shop. He is pretty honest. He has fixed a wrecked truck of mine a few years back. The price on this is 15K starting out. He told me he could come down some more. This does have a wrecked title
He told me when he was finished I could take it to any front end shape to be checked/put on a laser. I've been told no way to buy this. When a unibody is damaged it is out and will haunt you forever. This is for my daughter who is in her 3rd year of college. I was hoping this to be her last car from me. Her ride now has 100K and time to find one.
Ok give me the goods and bads and what I need to know about this Car.. Lay it on me The truck I now drive was totaled out. It is a 92 Z71 I have 298K miles on it. I'm on the side of buying this but what to get the facts and things to think about. Tks Dmac Tenn
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