Toilet rarely flushes without plunging

I bought this house this summer, and almost immediately it had problems flushing. I haven't flushed anything down it that wasn't supposed to be, neither has my son. It has two buttons on the top to flush it, which never flushed very strong to begin with. I have plunged it, but it is working less and less the last week. I haven't tried using an auger yet. When it first started I didn't have a plunger, so I used hot water and detergent and it flushed easier for a few days, but not without trouble.
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Yeah, the hot water probably just got rid of some build up at the start of the pipe that the toilet attaches to. I'd suspect you have cast iron piping connected to the toilet and it's rusted itself mostly shut. It's extremely common.
The toilet needs to be removed and the rust chiseled off to return the pipe to full diameter (you must vacuum-out the chiseled rust). When done, the toilet will work as good as new.
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