need gasket for harbor freight compressor, anybody know where i can order

hey guys, first post. I have a harbor freight compressor, 4hp 10gal model 90234. I have a blown head gasket and cant seem to get anywhere with HF. I would like to find somewhere to order the gasket, would also like to find a schematic so I can identify the part numbers, thanks, Roost
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.remove the gasket carefully and try to keep it intact to use as a template. Take it to an auto parts store, they have gasket material in various thicknesses. Buy a sheet to match your gasket, go home...trace it onto the sheet..cut it out..voila! new gasket. Make sure you tell the auto parts guy it is a head gasket you need a sheet of or read the label on the sheet to see if it is suitable for a head gasket. It will have to handle high heat.
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