I borrowed an 8' Ryobi pole saw and the bar stud just spins around! help!!

Did I damage the plastic piece that holds the stud? I managed to take it out and found the replacement for 99 cents. I will get it in a week. Should I replace the hex nut too? Do I need to buy a new one and never borrow anything again? Oh someone shoot me!!!!!!
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I suspect you'll be fine with just the replacement part. The only Ryobi Bar Stud I could find looks to be internal and therefore can't go anywhere to drop out or anything. You may want to stop borrowing, you sound like me. I'd borrow something for a simple few minute or few hour job and the thing would decide to break, so I thought. - I'd fix, clean, sharpen or re-adjust and re-tune it back to new, to then hear "how'd you fix this or that". It always turned out that they gave it to me broken and why they loaned it...since it couldn't get worse, regardless of my safety and piece of mind. I got tired of being the repairman. In your case, I got a manual Pole Tree Pruner that's still working perfect after 20-years.
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