Sink pipe leaks.

The kitchen sink pipe drips a drop per hour. We'd called the plumber
over and he replaced the sink funnel and drain pipe. It still drips.
I noticed he put some gasket glue. But it appears to be leaking at
the same area which is at the neck of the funnel (right below the
bottom of the sink.) What could I do to solve this problem without
calling the plumber.
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I am not totally sure what the problem is, but off hand it does sound like the plumber did not find the real problem or he did not fix it. Give him a call. Tell him what is going on. Assuming he did not say something like "The work I did should fix it, but you really need to ......" and you did not do as he suggested, he may offer to come out and make his work good without charging. If he does, then make sure you keep his name and phone number handy for yourself and anyone who may ask you if you know a good plumber. He he does not want to cut you a deal, then, assuming there is nothing about this you did not tell us, then consider the cost a learning experience and start asking around for the name of a good plumber.
From your description, it may be the sink itself or a problem with one of the fittings of the U shaped pipe. That may be fixable by tightening the large nuts or replacing the washers and re-installing
You might want to stop by your local hardware store and pick up one of their DIY books for the homeowner. This kind of thing is difficult to explain without photos.
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Joseph Meehan
sink funnel = sink strainer ?
he might not have tightened it enough. Try to tighten it. He should have used plumbers putty to make the seal with the bottom of sink. It is like play-dough kinda. This is an easy repair unless your sink is rotted. This is grounds for a free call back with me. I would not dream of charging you for this and would be very apologetic.
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Ned Flanders
"Ned Flanders" wrote
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Hi, The leak is from the bottom part of sink strainer that goes into a compression coupling on the "drain pipe," after a closer examination. This (compression coupling) is very tight as it can't be hand twisted any further. I may wiggle the drain pipe (with my pinky) while someone is washing dishes and it will begin to drip faster. The strainer appears correctly installed with the "play doe" formula. The leak is coming from the compression coupling, as you call it, and I can collect half a cup while washing dishes. If I put silicone caulk then I might run into trouble the next time I remove the pipe. If silicone caulk is a good idea, I might try silicone caulk. Or ask the plumber to come back, if it's not out of line.
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Sounds like he screwed up. Try to take the nut off then put it back on. he might have cross threaded it or forgot to put washer in there.
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Ned Flanders
I thought I had the same problem at the compression joint. I was *wrong*
Turns out that the drop tube (connected to the drain with threads and then you connect the p trap to it) has threads that screw into the drain (threads on the top of this pipe). Those threads needed a turn of teflon tape and the dripping went away. the leak was so subtle that I too thought that the leak was coming from the ptrap fittings.
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This is a kitchen sink. The strainer usually has no threaded adapter, it uses a plastic washer different than a desanco washer. I have not seen a kitchen sink strainer that you thread the tailpiece into.
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Ned Flanders
A few times I've seen a 1-1/2" female adapter screwed onto the threads of a basket strainer.
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Mark Monson
How about a tailpiece that threads into it? I never have seen one.
do you ever do that to your tub drain in place of the desanco? (1 1/2 PVC female adapter)
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Ned Flanders

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