Noisy Central Heating Pump

When I turn on my domestic central heating there is an initial sound of a
surge of air bubbles in the area of the pump. There is a bleeder valve at a
height of about four feet over the pump. I find that when I leave the pump
running for 30 minutes or so I can switch off an then bleed a small amount
of air from this valve. I have frequently repeated this bleeding operation
each time releasing a small amount of air. My efforts seem to have little
effect on the air which appears to be accumulated round the pump.
Consequently the noise of the air can be heard coming from the area of the
pump. Can anyone advise me on the method of getting air from the system?
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Bob Murray
do you have a boiler fill valve installed? does it have quick filling capability? Is this a closed system? What kind of heat? baseboard, radiators..
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Ned Flanders
Ned Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my post.. Unfortunately I am an absolute novice with central heating systems. I find it difficult to answer your questions. I don't think I have a boiler fill valve. There is a header tank in my attic which serves as a reserve for the system. As far as I can tell it is a closed system. The system heats the radiators in the house and provides a tank with hot water. I appreciate you trying to help. Bob
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You have an open vented system and it sounds like the pump is dragging in air and this is normally caused by a clogged system or bad workmanship. Call a Plumber
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