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Hello, I'm new to HVLP's. I just picked up a titan 105 cap spray. I also thought that I'd start to play around with water based KemAqua. So far all is relatively well but I'm still getting a slight orange peel which I've read that is caused by too much material or that the product is trying too quickly. I generally spray about a 6-8" fan at about 8" away. My booth(my garage) is generally about room temperature. (19-20 degrees Celsius). I aim to cover the item that I'm spraying in close to one coat, sand with an orbital lightly with 240 grit and tack cloth between coats.
It does look better than my airless guns can produce. Any help? Should I only aim to lightly coat the items? And do more coats? I usually do 3 solid coats.
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