XL pipeline (was: OT Sharia law in action)

Higgs Boson wrote:

What's so gastly about the XL pipeline vs other pipelines that already criss-cross your country?

You're a nation dependant on oil and your way of life would grind to a halt if you don't get enough of it. You send your children overseas to die in the desert sands to insure you get enough oil back home.
So don't go overboard with the hyperbole that it's XL's butt that is being kissed here. It's your butt (the average citizen) that's being placated here, to keep the oil flowing to you, to lubricate your way of life.

We'd just as quickly welcome your investment dollars up here in Canada to build all the refineries up here so that you can buy the finished distilate products from us instead of the messy raw crude. We might even let some of your unemployed come up here to Alberta to work at these new refining plants.
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