Switched wall power outle

Hi Scott!
SL> Heres where I get confused. One of the outlets in my living room was SL> switched - controlled by switches mounted on the wall at both entrances. SL> Now, the outlet thas used to be switched isn't - it's just always on.
Duplex outlets have a link between the two screws on each side (two links). One of the original outlets had this link/links broken to separate the two outlet circuit from the bottom outlet circuit. When you replaced that outlet you neglected to remove the link.
SL> Obviously, something I did caused this to happen. The outlet in question SL> is setup like this: there are two white wires coming into the outlet SL> box, four black wires, and a red wire. In the old switch (and the one I
That's the outlet which is probably the beginning of the separated circuit.
SL> installed), two of the blacks are twisted together (resulting in two SL> wires into the outlet), and plugged into the black labelled holes on the SL> back of the outlet. The two whites are twisted together, and in one SL> white hole on the back, and the red wire is in the other hole. I've
Personally I don't like wiring using these push-in holes. I'd rather the good mechanical connection of the screw.
SL> tried all possible permutations of wiring - flopping the two black SL> wires, swapping the white and red (but never white into black and vice SL> versa).
I'm surprised the white and red swapping didn't blow the breaker.
SL> What am I doing wrong here? Any info is appreciated!
LIS, just need to break the link and all should be fine again. If you reversed some other wiring or if other outlets need to be split the problem will not be resolved until those links are removed also.
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