side spray won't turn off

hello, I have a moen 7400 faucet with a side spray that will not turn
off. the water will not come out of the faucet, only the sprayer. I
unscrewed the piece at the end of the hose (the sprayer part) thinking
the button was stuck or something, but the water continues to come
thru the hose. any ideas?
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moen question
My guess is the sprayer is stuck( trigger) on, or the strainer in the faucet is clogged completely.
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The insert (cartridge) for the sink must be replaced as it is sticking. They cost about $12 and are fairly easy to remove and replace. There will be instructions on the package. Any good hardware store will carry them. Ed
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Edwin Pawlowski
The control valve is at the other end in the faucet. Go to the DIY store and tell them what kind of faucet you have and ask them for a diverter valve kit. That should fix it. It should come with instructions.
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Joseph Meehan

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