Report back on external dehumidifier control

I previously reported that I got a replacement for the old Gree (GE) dehumidifier. I used the check to buy a Frigidaire unit and a few $$$ to spend. The unit is, as was reported, quiet ... er and others. Its fan does not run all the time, however it suffers from the problem, that when it shuts off, moisture on the coils creates a false internal control reading and restarts. Yeah, it did go through the goofy process of purging the air, etc. But, it seemed to be running for fairly short intervals many, many times. I previously reported that I was going to try an external humidity controller. I bought one of the WH8040 units on ebay. Of course, it was MIC (made in china), however, I resisted buying it directly from China. I know, many of the US based sellers are really just a mail drop and shipping places stateside. But anyway, it's connected and working. I had to install a small 120v coil relay, as the internal contacts of the WH8040 were marginal for the dehumidifier load. I mounted it all in a plastic box and mounted it about 6 or 7' from the dehumidifier. There is an external humidity sensor and temperature sensor. After playing with the humidity settings and the hysteresis setting, I'm happy to say it works great. BTW, I set the internal humidity setting on the dehumidifier to a very low setting, so that it will not interfere. It still, sometimes, plays the game of purging the air, before starting the compressor, but so what. The internal humidity setting in the humidifier has soooooo much lag. This one works the way you want it. I can tell it what humidity to keep and how much above before clicking on and how much below before shutting down. I can watch the humidity, on the display, go up untile the trigger point, and then down, to shut off. Now, why don't the build the humidifiers with an external control?
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