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JD> I recently purchased an older home which has a basement made of rocks JD> and limestone in between them. Whenever it rains we get water flowing JD> down the sides of the rocks into the basement.... not a huge amount, but JD> enough to form a small pool in the one section of the basement. JD> What can I do to help prevent this from happening? As it is limestone JD> between the rocks I don't know that I have much in the way of sealing, JD> but I'm sure someone must have some solutions.. and I'm open to try JD> anything.
As others indicated, the best solution is to redirect the water from the outside. Possibilities include regrading ==> ideally slope the yard away from the house but if not possible a depression for the rain water to run in 10 or so feet from the foundation. This depression needs to have an exit -- you don't want the water pooling. French drains are another possibility in conjuction with the depression.
If there is still some seepage try painting the walls with Dap (?) -- think that's the name. It's an almost-white thick liquid applied with a paint brush. The local hardware store has a display of a cement block, one half painted with the stuff and the other not. Water is pumped into both hollows of the cement block; the unpainted side leaks while the painted side is dry.
This stuff is not designed to seal holes so it may be necessary to do some tuck pointing. It is also not designed to hold back large amounts of water though it will do a pretty decent job. Also make certain the surface is properly prepared: I've seen the coat have large water bubbles.
Another possibility may be to jackhammer a section of the basement floor to direct the seeping water into a trough along the walls to a drain.
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