Pellet stove in an odd shaped house

I have a modified split entry house. For the most part it is the typical split which is a mid sized rectangle with three bedrooms on the left, the stair case down to the front door in the center. Hopefully this crude diagam might give you an idea on the layout.
Bed | Bath | Kitchen | Dining ___________________________
Bed | Bed | Stairs Living Room ________________________________________
The dining and living room and the stairs to the front door down 1/2 a level are all open and on the far right wall in the living room is where I want to put a pellet insert in the existing fireplace. The problem is that I don't know if i am being overly scheptical about what the Pellet Stove people are telling me. They say that even if I put the 20,000+ BTU pellet stove in the living room it will heat the entire house and without having the living room a total sweat room. Will the heat from a pellet stove make it all the way down from one end of the house to the other using nothing more than the ceiling fan in the living room to push it down to the bedrooms.
The entire floor plan is only about 1400-1500 sq ft.
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