Neighbor problem

There is nothing else you can do to "be nice" with your prick neighbor! Many low IQ human beings just totally walk all over other peoples rights! Now you must you want to piss him off and continue living next to him?
Here's an idea! Pull twine between your two property stakes on his side of your property. Carefully go down the line and use fluoresent orange marker spray paint to illustrate for him the property line. This should solve the problem the next time he cuts the grass! If he still comes over the line to cut the grass, get a witness to go with you to confront the bastard. Ask him a pointed question..."Why in the hell do you continue coming on my property and cutting the grass?" Why?
No matter what his response, tell him this is the last time you are going to warn him not to come on your yard to mow the grass. This is the tricky part...if he makes a threat against you have a witness on hand to hear what he said. This will enable you to get a judgement against him for your trouble if you have to take him to court.
Just in case you need it, have your 357 Magnum nearby. Do not threaten him but it's amazing how fast you will get his attention if that Smith & Wesson is pointed right between his eyes...just say halt or I'll shoot you! Even low IQ persons understand how fast they will die after being shot.
I hope you don't have to go that far but you never can tell.
Regards, Bill
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