need to replace craftsman garage door opener

My craftsman gar door opener is about 10 years old and after a couple of
repairs it is making a really bad noise. I have decided to retire it and
need to decide between, chain, screw & belt drive as well as if I should
continue with Craftsman. I thought that staying with craftsman would make
it a fairly easy exchange and all of my remote controls would work, they
would just have to be reprogrammed.
Any thoughts / advice out there?
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"JD" wrote in news:7lmec.7297$VE5.4568@lakeread01:
My latest opener is a belt drive -- I love the (relative) silence.
You might want to check that out. The remotes from my old Craftsman wouldn't work with the new unit; the radio frequencies changed some time between the old one and the new one.
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Murray Peterson
All the new garage openers today use that "rolling code" technology. 10 yr. old one probably didn't. If yours uses the dip switches that you set the code're out of luck. Go with screw or belt drive. Chain is cheap, but noisy and higher maintenance.
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I have a 6 year old Genie screw drive and hate the loud noise. Have to lubricate it with the expensive Genie lubricant every 2 months to keep the racket down to a tolerable level. My last house had a chain drive and by comparison, it made much less noise.
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I just bought a ~5 year old home with a Craftsman belt drive. Much quieter than chain or screw which is what I had before.
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I would go for the belt drive. I would also stay away from Sears GD openners. I have 2 that are 4 years old and one has been a problem for openning the door. But the most frustarting thing is getting the door to open with the new miniature remotes that they now use. I must take the remote and wave it in every direction to get the door to open and thats when I'm 2 feet away from the door. They use flat batteries that are very expensive and wear out fast.
I have promised myself NEVER to buy another Craftsman product again. You will get much better quality elsewhere and wihtout having to pay more. Sears always boosts thier prices and then have sales at 40% or 50%. To say that 5 years ago I almost bought a Sears lawn tractor, I ended up getting a John Deere. Knowing today, I would have kicked myself to death.
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Daniel Martin
Do you have an I drive? I have heard that they are unreliable and will open in a windstorm.
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I got it installed few month ago. So far so good.
I don't see how? When door is down, iDrive arm blocks door from going up. ( I was woundering why it has to have that arm... )
It is very fast, much faster than fastdrive, fast screw etc. I like it much better than 2002 craftsman space looking chain drive I had.
My only complaint is flimzy remote, made in china. But then again if your car has homelink remote you don't really need it.
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Mike J

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