Message from the one and only GOD

I am the only GOD with you, and my "Torah" is with you and soon my "Bait Mikdash" will be with you. Don't worry, millions of angels escort you in "Eeretz Israel", in Lebanon and everywhere else, where they should be among the people, among the government people, so that they have an influence on their minds and upon their decisions? If Hamas wants to fight, then he shall fight against me, the one and only GOD, Who created water and land, who created trees and herbs, birds and animals and earth beauty, heavenly corners of the earth. Hey, you, down there, on the earth, didn't I give you everything that you needed? Wealth of the earth and beautiful lands and rivers and seas and money and minerals. You want the land that I gave to my people, the people of the world? Look how many generals I made, I made them, lifting them up from nothing. But, when they forgot about me and didn't listen to me and tortured my children, I turned them into nothing and they died without glory. People of the world, get up for a minute and listen, listen to the siren is ringing. Listen and wake up. Later, countries of the world, don't say that you didn't know, it is your karma. Every day, every country making its own karma. Don't think that I will forgive you for that what you did, for that what you said or for that when you didn't say but silently helped the enemies of my children. You can hide everything from the people and from the world, but you can not hide anything from me, the only GOD, the GOD of justice, God of forgiveness, who can be your friend, even reading your mind and giving you what you deserve. It is not Iran and his... that shout: "Death to Israel!" and you, the leaders of the country, silently helping them.
I am the only God, giving you my word that I already began and continue to. Punish every last one, who will be against my children of Israel. I am with you and my Torah is with you. Beware! If you do not believe, soon everyone will see and hear. If you understand where disasters strike, you understand where my hand is. Wake up now, until it's not too late.
Whoever reads it and believes it, this letter can also cure.
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