Lost Header---Crafstmen weedwacker flooding?

To the gentlemen with the flooding weedwacker. I asked a friend about it. He's pretty sharp and did small engine repair for a while. The following is his reply. Just a couple of thoughts.
I am not aware of any 4 cycle weedwacker..........they are all gas oil mix which is 2 cycle. Having said that I can offer a few suggestions. Assuming your friend disassembled and assembled the carb correctly, he can check under the carb. Under the carb is a reed valve. I'm thinking his Craftsman is actually a Poulan. Most Poulan's had a triangular shaped thin metal reed valve. The reed "pulsates" up and down to meter the gas flow using the compression of the motor.... very often a small piece of debris would lodge itself under the reed allowing too much gas to flow into the cylinder. A carb repair kit is a possibility.....replacing the diaphram, metering diaphram and screen can help. After rebuild, the high and low speed jets should be bottomed out very lightly and then backed out to between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 out to start, then tweak from there. Lastly, and it may sound silly, but the gas flow depends on air to replace the gas being used. vapor lock can occur if the gas is not replaced by air. the gas tank is vented and should be free of dirt, also the cap itself is vented. Replacing the gas cap has repaired many a flooding problem. mark
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