looking for HIGH QUALITY frost proof faucet

I need a couple of high quality frost proof faucets to replace the ~30 year old ones here. The one in the front has always leaked, and the one in the back seems to be plugged with some sort of plastic screw in
plug where the handle ought to go in.
I have previously replaced 2 faucets at our old house, where I was able to simply screw into the wood past the metal siding. In this case, the faucet goes out through a hole drilled in brick. I believe one of the reasons why the front faucet moves a lot when we turn it on is that they never drilled holes into the brick so that they could secure the faucet with screws. They were probably worried about busting up the brick when doing so.
Anyway, this morning I was remembering what I didn't like about the last ones I bought at Lowe's:
A) plastic handle (every time I get something with plastic in a moving part, it breaks) I would like a quality metal handle
B) fewer faucet threads. I'm not sure what is going on here, but it looks like there are only about 1/2 as many threads on many of the newer faucets than there used to be. This makes it much more likely for water to leak. It also means the hose doesn't hold on as well, and that the threads are put under greater stress.
I also found myself wishing that they had some sort of setup with some sort of threads on the exterior of the pipe, and a large nut with a washer or something you could put on the inside. Then you could just tighten up the nut, and it would draw the faucet in and hold it, without requiring drilling any exterior screw holes. I think the force of something like that would keep the faucet from moving around at all when using it. Do they make anything like this? I don't care if they are $80 each, I'll buy them if I can find them.
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