Katrina question

this is Turtle.
Dave , When the hurrican hit , everyday after it hit, and then was ask if the city and State of Louisiana wanted Federal Aide and FEMA to come in and start the help. Bush and FEMA was told last Friday [2 days ago] that it was ok to have aide and FEMA come in to Louisiana. Governor and Mayor would not give permission for FEMA or Federal Aid at all to come in and almost a week later they decide to give FEMA and Federal Aide a ok to come in. It is against federal law for FEMA or Federal Aide to come into a state with out the Govenor's permission and the Mayor also to go into the city. I have lived in Louisiana all my life and watch the bull grow over the years. All the Rep. and Sentors of the state have a way of dealing with a problem and if you can't deal with it you just turn your back and it will go away. This is what they thought about this New Orleans Hurrican problem. Right now the Governor will say awwwwwww What's the problem -- I bought my Duck hunting Stamp this year and the Mayor is Just plain mad and will not talk about it. We have a real crew to deal with this.
OH Yea, there was a 5 foot shark that had gotten in to the French Quarter and on Canal Street. i did not hear about what happen but somebody maybe having Shark for supper.
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