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B > There are three shelves in my office/junkroom that are screwed into B > the wall (drywall) with screws into plastic anchors. They held for a B > couple of years, but now the top screw came loose and left a big hole. B > What can I fill the hole with that I can screw into to keep the shelf B > in place?
To fill in the hole you could use spackling compound -- available in a small plastic container about the size of a coffee cup. Should be with the painting supplies section. You will probably also need a putty knife or similar broad- flat-bladed device to apply and smooth.
Personally I would re-install all the mounts for your shelving into the wall studs. Use a sufficiently long wood screw: the length neds to go through the bracket, through a half-inch of sheetrock/dry wall, and then into the stud by an inch or more. If you need to keep your shelving mounts as-is I would use a molly instead of the plastic anchors. A molly has a flange which expands behind the sheetrock to increase the surface area.
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