gas leak in fireplace

I have GTI model GLS-18NG natural gas fireplace. I can't find GTI on the
net (Savage, MI is listed as their address and their phone number is
invalid). Anyway, the thing has a broken gas hose and is leaking gas (I
taped it up temporarily). Is this something I can attempt to repair, or
should I let a pro do it? BTW, where is the main gas valve to a home
typically located? If I can turn the main line off, I can either repair the
fireplace or cap off the gas inlet. Will I create any problems for other
appliances (like my gas furnance) by shutting off the main gas line
temporarily, e.g. letting air in the lines, etc.??
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"MJH" wrote in message ...
Tape is not a fix or even a stop gap measure. There should be a valve before the hose or the appliance. Turn it off.
If you have to ask, if you used tape, let a pro do it. Gas is not something to practice your pipefitting on.
BTW, where is the main gas valve to a home
Right at the meter.
If it is still leaking, call the gas company. If it is shut off, calla plumber and have it fixed properly.
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Edwin Pawlowski
Id cap the gas line to your fireplace, at once , or find the shutoff valve for the gas line feeding your fireplace and close it asap. Get it fixed by a contractor familiar with gas fireplaces if possible.
Yes, if you shut off the gas meter ... you will have to purge air out of all the gas lines feeding all gas appliances, water heater, furnace, etc...before they will work. Let the contractor do that also.
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Hello Friend
Find the turnoff for the appliance or call the utility company immediately and ask for help.
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Hack advises homeowner; hmm not good. Perhaps you think the OP has children Dave? How's your 9-year-old boyfriend these days BTW?
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Dr Halonfire$
Plumber, or I also thought HVAC tech. Heating guys work with natural gas. I agree, from the fellow's questions, it sounds like he needs to "call the man".
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Stormin Mormon

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