gas fireplace

i installed a natural gas fireplace (unvented) last year with 1/2 inch
pipe coming off the main line between the main heater and the water
heater downstairs. often a surge in the line -water heater comes on
with the heater already on or vice versa - the fireplace goes out
upstairs. is there any kind of valve i can install before the fireplace
line to regulate the pressure and avoid the shutdowns? thanks, houston
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If your gas heater has different heat settings stop using the lowest setting(s) and see if that helps. How big is your "main line" that your space heater, main heater, and water heater branch off of? Mine are 1-1.5" on most single family houses. How many feet does each line run?
Hope this helps, William
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Not really. The real answer is your pipes are most likely too small for the load. Either change the pipes to a larger diameter, there is charts available for the sizing, or see if the gas commune will boost your gas pressure coming into the home. You will have to add regulators before each appliance. Greg
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Greg O

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