Gas Fireplace Issue

Hi -- wondering if anyone can help me with my gas fireplace issue. I had t
he pilot lit all summer. When I tried to turn the fire on (using remote) f
or the first time during the fall, the fire likes then two-three seconds la
ter dies, and the pilot is out. I have shut off the pilot, re-ignited pilo
t, it stays lit, but again I turn the fireplace to on with the remote, it l
ights up, then dies out again. Pilot out too. So my question is why would
the fire die out when I turn it on, when the pilot seems to be working oka
y. Thanks for any advice on trouble-shooting this. I don't want to have t
o pay for a repair visit if there is an easy fix. it's a Skytech system/ve
nt-free fireplace. Thank you.
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Could it be that when the main burner comes on, it uses gas that would have gone to the pilot, or maybe the flame igniting blows out the pilot>
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