Franke faucet replacement parts

My mom's got a Franke faucet . . .
. . . that looks like the one pictured above. The head can either sit in faucet spout or pull out for spraying. It has a plastic flip valve to change aerator types - stream or spray.
Lately, it's begun to leak from the head and back down the spout to the base of the faucet. I checked the washer where the spray head attaches to the hose and that was OK. I didn't see a way to open the sprayer head without risk of possibly breaking it and leaving her without kitchen water for the weekend.
Does anyone have any clues how to open and repair these or where the best place is to get replacement heads. The above store wants $100+ for a new head but I'd rather see if a few 30 cent O rings will fix it first!
-- Bobby G.
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