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AQ> What is the best way to terminate a live wire? I want to rewire a box AQ> that has 2 wire ungrounded romex with 12-2w/g. The problem is the AQ> box is currently recieving power from a box in an unknown location AQ> hidden under an attic floor and cannnot be disconnected. I could AQ> possibly put wire nuts on the existing wire in the existing box but AQ> that would leave the box very crowded. Any suggestions?
Wire nuts capping the live wires should be satisfactory. You might also want to leave a dated note stating what you have found (or not found!) to date. This way when you or someone else open the box years from now why the wires are capped will be known. (Also note paper will dry out and disintegrate with high heat [in attic?] and age.)
AQ> On another another circuit, I found the source but am not able to AQ> physically remove the disconnected wires from the box. Can I just cut AQ> off the disconnected wires or would it be better to put wire nuts on AQ> them?
Your wiring sounds like some of the slightly strange stuff I've run in to! I would cap with wire nuts if there is even a remote possibility the wires could be accidentally re-energized. If it's a situation such as you can't get to the screws holding the box connector and there's a foot-long stub outside the box then I'd just trim the wire .
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