Driveway Sealing

I live in central NJ and we have a driveway that is 250 feet long,
curved and sloping up from the street to the house. It was a
gravel/stone top when we bought the house and we had it asphalted 3
years ago as soon as we moved in. Recently I noticed some small
hairline cracks here and there and some loose asphalt/stones coming
off the surface.
I have read from some people that you should not sealcoat driveway,
but I think time has come for me to do it or get it done. My question
is what is the best naterial, tools and time of the year to apply it.
Is it possible for me to do it with help from handyman. What surface
preparation would be necessary? Thanks for all your helpful comments.
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harry manka
I would wait until mid-May or June before putting sealer on my driveway. I personally think the old fashioned coal tar type is best. The newer polyster type, or whatever it is, doesn't offer as much protection or last as long in my opinion. Hose off the driveway surface well, let it completely dry and then apply the coal tar sealant. You won't be able to drive on the surface for a day or so while it dries. A 250 foot driveway is quite long, but if you are young and in good shape, you could do it yourself. You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to do it. You could even do it in two or three stages at different times. Best of luck! Des
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Des Perado
Early fall is generally the time to do it. Cool but not cold weather helps, and the stuff is on sale then.
You want to brush clean off the surface of dirt and debris, and get rid of any small particles in the cracks. An air blow gun nozzle is perfect for this.
You'll need a good paddle or mixer to mix up a 5 gal bucket worth of goopy tarry stuff.
Then get some of the brush squeegee applicators, and have at it. The hardest part of it is handling the 5 gallon buckets, they are heavy, and you'll need a lot of them.
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John Hines

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