Asphalt Driveway

My asphalt driveway has an irregular edge and I would like to
straight edge it. What tools are needed?
On one side of the driveway, the land slopes and a part of the
driveway goes with it. What should be used to set a barrier
so replacement asphalt stays in place?
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Dick Adams
Rent a concrete cutting saw
A pressure treated 2 x 6 staked in place with rebar. HTH
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A walk behind saw with an asphalt blade (make sure it is an asphalt blade and not a masonry blade. They ARE different.)
When you cut the edge, you MUST put something in place to hold the edge, or it will become just like your existing edge, unless you NEVER drive on or close to it.
The absolute best way to contain it is a concrete flat curb. You should excavate down 8-12 inches below top of asphalt (depending upon your soil types) and pour a steel reinforced curb at least 8 inches wide. This will contain the asphalt and provide an apron for your driveway.
You could also use concrete pavers for the edging. Just get the interlocking kind, excavate deep enough to align the top with the surface of your asphalt and set them in place. Prepare your base carefully and be prepared to reset them if they settle.
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Robert Allison

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