Does Anybody Have this Sears Retractable Work Light?

Day before yesterday I bought this Sears retractable work light
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It is too easy to pull the wire out of the
reel. That is, the retracting spring in the reel is not wound tight
enough. I hang it from the ceiling and it will not retract by
itself. I have to lift the light to get it to retract and about half
the time it won't retract even with me lifting it. It stops
retracting and the cord bunches up like a wet noodle. This is not
because it's jamming in the reel, it's because there is almost no
tension pulling on the wire.
Does anybody have one of these? Does it retract on it's own? I'm
trying to figure out whether to return it or exchange it. For reasons
too involved to explain, it is difficult to hang the thing where I
hang it, so I don't want to go to the trouble of hanging another just
to find out it's a defect in all these units.
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jim evans
On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 03:39:27 GMT, "Dave Harnish" wrote:
It definitely is. I'll exchange it. Thanks.
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jim evans
I've had an identical one for about 5 years, and it retracts fine. I do apply car wax to it once in a while, but I drag it around on the garage floor more than I should, and the floor really gets dirty - we live on a dirt rd. The wax helps a lot.
I'd prob take it back, and if possible, pull on one or two on the shelf before bringing another one home. But I def. have no complaints with ours.
Hope that's of some help.
God bless,
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