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P > Well, not really so much a question about the footing itself but about P > attaching the deck posts to the footing. P > P > I'm getting a quote from a company that did my neighbors deck. Thing is, P > the way they did his footings/deck posts seems a little suspect to me. P > P > They poured 4ft concrete holes, then placed what looks like a round patio P > stone (about 8 inch diameter, 2 inches thick) on the footing after the P > concrete was dry. Then they simply set the deck posts on top of the P > concrete brick. No post anchors, nothing. P > P > They said they don't pour concrete around the posts because the wood in the P > concrete could eventually rot (pressure treated wood), not sure why they P > didn't use fasteners. They claim that with the weight of the deck, there P > is no need to fasten the posts to the concrete.
True: apparantly water would get into the cavity in the cement where the post goes, causing it to prematurely rot. Plus I suppose if water gets in to the cavity in cold weather would freeze, pushing the post out.
Anyway, had a deck installed with the addition last summer. The deck supports rest on cement footings. Hole was about 16" in diameter and 4 feet deep. No anchoring -- where's it going to go?
As one or two of the other responders indicated, local building codes need to be followed. Here the construction was delayed for several weeks as the inspector would not even look at the holes because they had some water in them from rain.
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