Craftsman Garage Door Opener Acting Wierd

I have a 1/2 HP Craftsman GDO that is about 3 years old. All of a sudden
the door will now only open about 12 to 18 inches; the lights do not flash
at this point. If I press the button (on the wall or the remote) the door
will go down and then (usually) return back up to the 12 or 18 inch height.
HOWEVER, if I block the beam with my foot before it starts going back up, it
will return continuing to the fully open position and the lights will flash.
Any ideas? Thanks, Bill
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1. Check the beam alignment.
2. Make sure something on the back of the door isn't intruding into the beam.
3. Check the load setting on the motor, maybe increase it a bit.
4. Check the tracks to see if they are all stable and aren't missing a piece.
Weird problem.
Hope this helps,
The "Tool"
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Mr. Tool

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