Anyone else have a GE Profile Dishwasher PDW8200 etc?

If anyone has a relatively new GE profile dishwasher, PDW8200 to PDW8800 or the 9200 to 9800 series, I'd be very appreciative if you could try a quick test for me.
My 8200 that's only about a year old is no longer getting the dishes clean. I ran a simple test that was suggested on a parts website. The test is to have the dishwasher running a wash cycle, open the door to stop it, then place a water glass upright in the upper tray. Close the door and let the unit run for 30 seconds, then check the glass. According to the website, the glass should be full.
On mine, when I did this several times last night, I got about an inch. This morning, tried it again, and this time I get the glass about 1/3 full. If someone could run this test on a similar one, it would verify that my pump must be kaput. The only thing I'm not sure about, is if it's possible that the new, quiet dishwashers pump less water around than most others? Having someone try the test on theirs would solve that question.
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