9v battery burns down house

I seriously doubt it's true. I noticed that EVERY fire they managed to start with a 9volt battery required them to use steel wool. The guy didn't throw is old batteries in a pile of steel wool. Also, not only did they need steel wool, they needed to keep moving the battery around into new parts of the steel wool, otherwise the tiny little spark burned out immediately. As to them "finding" the 9volt battery that caused the house fire, all the found was a burned up drawer in a burned up house and the drawer happened to have some old batteries in it. There was no proof that was the cause of the fire.
The whole thing is just completely blown out of proportion. There must be a gazillion of these 9volt batteries laying around in drawers and perhaps a couple fires a year MAYBE caused by them. You are more likely to be run over a by a midget driving a zamboni then for your 9volt batteries to burn down your house.
Typical nonsense story the media loves and it lets some jr. fire Marshall go on camera.

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