Outdoor lighting fixtures - fixture with build-in photosensor v. motion sensor v. separate motion sensor - what is best?

I am looking for two outdoor light fixtures to put on a stand-alone garage-size barn or shed. At first, I thought I wanted the classic barn lamp fixture but could not find one with built-in photosensor or motion sensor. I must have a fixture that is automatic (either dusk to dawn lighting or motion activate lighting) because it will not be simple or desirable to install a switch in my house or the barn itself. The light fixtures will also provide essential lighting leading to the house. Since I couldn't find the classic barn lamp fixtures I wanted with automatic sensors included, I instead chose a lantern style wall-mounted fixture. The one I liked had a photosensor. Then I realized it only takes a 13 watt bulb. Will this provide enough light or will this be very dim? (Designer's Fountain-brand, ES2381-model, Lightingdirect.com; also like look of Forte Lighting, 1027-01-32DS, Lightingdirect.com but no photosensor or motion sensor) I generally am looking for advice on these various issues.
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