how to extend a fixture that extends over a medicine chest

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Re: how to extend a fixture that extends over a medicine chest full size image
If we set the question of taste aside for a moment, you could purchase either electrical box extenders (a device that looks just like the box itself but without the bottom, a sample picture below )  or just another surface mount box that would have holes on the back that would match those on the original box that's mounted flush with the wall. If there are no matching holes, they could be drilled. You just have to take the fixture off and see what shape/size is the original box.
As far as taste, I guess, the extension itself can be painted same color as the wall but the internals of the light fixture will most likely stick out beyond the extension (as they would in order to cover the back box and its hole in the wall). I am not at all certain what can be done about that except, perhaps, coming up with some sort of a wooden box that would enclose the extension, but that to me sounds like it would be cheaper/better looking to just buy a new light fixture that would stick out 1" further from the wall. Or maybe the cabinet will hide the electrical box extension from view and then you would not have to worry about its appearance? In that case the box extension (a.k.a. extension ring) is the way to go.
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We have a small bathroom 4X 7 including shower stall, I also just found I can not recess my Kholer 20 W X 26 medicine chest (I have a Murfy Feise 2 Lamp fixture (faceing down cant be flipped).
? can I safely or tastefully bring out the fixture an inch or so?
I have the same cituation now I raised up the 2 lights and it lights the small room well.
.Just 3 feet away is the shower light
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Good questions but might be something you need to talk to a professional about. Electrical wiring is nothing that needs to be taken lightly. Its important you get help that you need.
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