Watering and cutting advice

I have a garden that runs east-west and the house creates shade. from
around 0930-1200 it goes from full shade to fully covered in sun. then
for the next 5 hours stays like that and then the sun goes down.
I have been treating it as a shady lawn and getting an appropriate grass
seed mix for reseeding. I have recently reseeded grass is growing very
well but the existing grass is not growing much. When it was
germinating was watering twice a day but now watering every other day.
There is some moss and it needs feeding so I have just ordered some MO
Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser.
I seem to be getting there but have a few questions.
1) Is it correct to treat it as a shady lawn or am I using the wrong
grass mix?
2) How long should I cut it? Currently, I am setting mover to 60mm but
thinking 40 or 50 may be more appropriate. I'm currently mowing once a
week (ish, sometimes a bit more frequently, sometimes a bit less).
3) in this weather is watering every other day about right.
Thanks in advance,
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