Treating weed on large scale with lawn

Dear All, I am novice with gardening and start to make my lawn better. I
have weed on my newly lawn and other places. I want to get rid of them
with chemicals if necessary but on a large scale.
Is there anything to treat it without making the lawn dying?
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On Jul 22, 12:21=A0pm, PedroUK wrote:
There are lots of selective herbicides available that will kill weeds, but not the grass. Which one you use depends on what kind of grass you have and what kind of weeds. The most common type kills most broadleaf weeds. What it takes to apply it depends on what you mean by "large scale".
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I suppose I need to take picture of what I see on my garden and you will be able to assist me... I shall do that today or tomorrow. Thanks, it makes sense what you are telling me...
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