Toro Multicycler 650 series 48cms

Hello all, this is my first post here and i was wondering if anyone has
had the use of one of these machines? I bought mine just before last
christmas from B&Q when i thought i bought a bargain as it was 100 down
from list price.After using it a few times i realised why they were
being sold cheap,The handle adjuster is just a joke.Worst i have ever
come across.It consists of a pair of series of plastic teeth one on
each side of the mower which bite into each other and supposedly hold
the handle firm whilst threaded rod connecting the two and with a handle
on each end is meant to tighten the whole thing.What a laugh! i have it
as tight as i can get it and still the handle drops as i try to lever
the front of the machine up in order to get onto higher ground,I wonder
if anyone else had ever used these and whether they found an answer tht
so far has eluded me. For those who havent, my advice is stay well cler
of them
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