DIY mower servicing

I'm trying to service my Hayter self-propelled mower. I want to be able
to get the blade off by unscrewing the nut underneath. unfortunately it
has been put on too tight by one of those machines they use. I've
trawled the DIY shops, but have been unable to get anything that will do
the job. A simple sprocket set just isn't strong enough- I need a
They must be available somewhere, but I need to know what they are
called and where I can get one.
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On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 10:10:43 +0000, gashton34 wrote:
Silly question, but you are turning it the right way aren't you?
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Steven Wayne
Absolutely. And if that doesn't do it slip a 3' piece of pipe over the breaker bar handle.
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the breaker bar handle.
Don't know the name of it and it's out in the workshop under tons of other stuff, but there is a spray can of something, it foams when applied, and you soak the culprit overnight. The next morning you can almost loosen the thing with your fingers. If you want I'll try to find my can and give you the name.
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The Post Quartermaster
"The Post Quartermaster"
Sorry for the delay but I'm old and the workshop is a pretty good walk. The stuff is called Penetro 90. It works for me.
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The Post Quartermaster

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