starter kits for cuttings

I need to start a large number of plants from cuttings and would like to
find a large starting kit similar to a seed starting kit.
Can anyone know where I can purchase such a kit?
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I clone a lot of oleanders and crepe myrtle, and I don't use any sort of starter kit for it .
The oleanders I just cut a 6 inch length, clip the leaves to half size, and put in a jar of water. When the white roots have formed, I transplant into pot sized containers and keep watered until full leaves are formed.
The crepe myrtle, I cut to 8 inch lengths and stick them into a dirt filled pot, or into the ground, and keep it wet and out of the sun. I never use any root stimulant or plastic covers. I have a good mortality rate, probably around 90% or so....
Lots of plants can be cloned in this manner. Using google may give you some ideas. Good luck.
Andy in Eureka, Texas
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