Grass Cuttings

New here so please my I ask a question about grass cuttings, I am saving
the last lot of grass cuttings in a black plastic bag, I've read
somewhere the resulting juice/fluid can be used to green up a parched
looking lawn, -'m not sure by how much it should be watered down-
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Hi Tonto,
I?ve heard about this before too! This blog post says you need one part water to two parts grass clippings. 'Frugal Gardening 101:: DIY Organic Fertilizer ::'
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Let us know if it perks up your lawn, it?s certainly a cheaper (and eco-friendly) way to keep the grass green. :)
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Grass clippings left on the lawn will decompose naturally and return nutrients to the lawn. You don't have to go to the effort of making a tea from them, unless you just want to experiment with that.
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Let's see. Black plastic bag filled with grass clippings. Mix one part of the liquid from that with two parts water. That should be enough to treat your lawn, assuming the lawn is a couple square feet.....
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