Staghorn Sumac

Andy writes:
Living in a wilderness area, I have run across a type of tree
grows wild around here, in little groves that look like island of
palm trees, with a long straight trunk , no limbs, and a frondy top.
Except the leaves are like hickory/walnut/pecan.....
It is called Staghorn Sumac, and grows readily by rhyzomes or by
seeds, and can just be pulled up out of the ground and transplanted
with near 100% success.
I am using it as an accent plant in my yard, and for certain
landscape features, and it seems to be working out OK...
In addition, it has a sheaf of red berries which stick up like a
which ripen around August, and can be used to make wine, or a
drink like lemonade. I am looking forward to trying it in about a
as there are tons of the stuff growing in a nearby grove.
If you google "staghorn sumac" , you will find many references to
this, as well as excellent photographs...
So.... is anyone else here doing similar things with this tree ?
Andy in Eureka, Texas
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