irrigation well question

Have an irrigation well with 30' depth, 2" pump input and check valve, 1.5hp
pump. This setup has delivered great water for the system. Saturday, the
pump ran but nothing coming out. Went ahead and primed it, but no output.
The guy that dug the well said "well, it's either a bad pump, a bad check
valve, or I need to go back and maybe move the plug back down.
Monday, I took the pump to local pump shop. They told me yesterday nothing
was wrong. Although I've not heard of a bad check valve, I'm going to
change it today.
Any thoughts on where our problems are? Am I missing anything?
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when you prime it does the water stay at the level you fill it to or does it drain out? if it slowly drains back down it is the check valve or a leak in the pipe. if you are in drought conditions maybe the water level has dropped and you need to extend the suction pipe to get it back in the water. can you look in to see where the water level is in relation to the suction pipe. may need flashlite.
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