petrol B&S lawnmower starting problem

I have a 2 yr old Briggs & Stratton petrol lawnmower. I can start i
quite readily, but my Wife struggles.
It's the power required for the torque that she struggles with. Doe
anyone know of any aftermarket mechanical spindle that could replace th
factory-fitted one? Maybe a modified spindle of some kind?
We're in the UK
ian jackson
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ian jackson
ian jackson wrote the following:
1. Get a stronger wife. 2. Modify it (the mower, that is) by installing a starter/alternator and battery.
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No easy solution for your problem, but when looking for a new mower, be aware that many today have compression release. That reduces the compression during cranking to make it easier to pull start.
I'd also make sure the wife is doing everything else right, ie priming it correctly and that the spark plug is clean so that it starts with the least amount of pulling possible. Even I get tired of trying to pull start one that is having difficulty starting.
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the following:
Always keep a can of starter fluid handy. Works first time, every time, unless you have a mechanical/electric problem. If no starter fluid, carburetor cleaner works as well.
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