Petrol Lawnmower query

I have a petrol lawnmower but the cord completely jammed. I removed the
cord/spinner assembly and fixed the problem but I?m not understanding
how this assembly connects or operates with the motor. I initially was
thinking that another cord or cable must run from the assembly to the
motor in some way but there isn?t anything. If I just rivet back the
assembly, will the mover work? I just don?t get how it all works.
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There is no other cable connecting the pull-starter mechanism to the engine. The pull-starter has a system where some type of fingers grab when the cord is pulled, similar to what you might find in a socket ratchet. After pulling, the fingers retract away. All that is contained in the pull-start mechanism, which is then directly connected to the engine.
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The B&S unit has 5 fingers, 5 slots, and 6 ball bearings. When you pull the starter cord 5 of the bearings will drop in the 5 slots but the 6th ball bearing, not having a slot to go into, will jam between the finger and frame putting torque on the motor shaft and spinning the motor. When it starts centrifical force moves all the ball bearings out of the way.
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