Artificial Grass, Pros & Cons

The benefits of replacing a natural lawn with a synthetic surface are
really endless. There are many frequently asked questions. A perfect
lawn is hard to achieve even with near perfect conditions. Many
attributes contribute to an imperfect lawn to name a few are; poor
drainage, insufficient sun light, heavy foot traffic, pets and worm
cast are just a few. Artificial grass truly is the answer to many
committed and not so committed lawn lovers. Installing an artificial
lawn can be carried out by a professional installer, qualified
landscaper or a keen do it yourself enthusiast. The link will take you
to a pictorial step by step method commonly employed. Installing
artificial grass.
Reasons for the consideration are;
No more watering!
No more worm casts!
No more weeds!
No more worn or soil patches!
No more muddy feet!
No more scorching from the sun!
No more yellow patches left from the pets!
No more grass cuttings!
No more chemicals!
No more hard work maintaining!
More time on the lawn enjoying it!
An all year-round lush green lawn!
The new generation of fake or false grass products is the ?3G? or third
generation. New technology and yarns have superseded the illumines green
carpet of old. Artificial grass often generically called Astroturf by
the general public has been developed in an array of styles. Colour,
density and length are the main differences between these products but
all are made with the same fine yarns and quality in product and
manufacture are equal.
It has to be said though that there are drawbacks from having an
artificial grass surface installed, but I will give my counterstatement
against these as I do believe they are just.
Worms won?t live under the surface.
This will deprive our native birds of their morning feast of lawn worms
I agree, but it won?t stop them from visiting the lawn borders
especially if there is mulch for them to search for insects. I love to
see Blackbirds and Thrushes searching for worms so I have invested in a
wormery or Vermicompost
More expensive than maintaining a natural lawn.
Yes I agree but over the lifetime of the surface the quality of time
gained from not having to maintain the lawn is priceless and for me
time has a greater value than cost.
Does heat up in very hot weather. I agree, but only with extreme
conditions and direct sunlight. Sandals or flip-flops is the obvious
answer just as one would were on a sunny beach.
Only has a life expectancy of 15/20 years.
Yes I agree. I expect to last around the same time and by then I wont
be concerned about replacing it. If I move home I can always take it
with me.
You can read more about EverLawn® on there webpage
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email or call 0845 3978461
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If you can't stand the grass, get out of the yard ;)
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I agree with most of what you stated except to for life expectancy. All le= gitimate manufacturers warranty it for 8 to 10 years. Expected life on ath= letic fields is 12-15 years max and this is the norm in the industry. Neve= rtheless, it is all good and getting better. Checkout the wonders being bu= ilt at Southwest Greens with our synthetic turf grass
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=BF=BD or third
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