Honda Izy Hrg415c Pde

Picked up a 2001 honda, 16" cut, model as above.
does anyone know if this model has a blade brake as when i release
handle it just stops the engine. other than this it is in great
condition and cuts great...
thanks for looking..
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They all have blade brakes. I think what you're asking is if it has a clutch to allow the engine to continue running. Sounds like it doesn't.
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The HRG "Izy" range only have OPC (Operator Pressent Contol) device which is a flywheel brake / ignition kill device. It kills the engin and stops the blade when the handle is released and is fitted to abou 90% of lawn mowers these days due to European legislation!
Honda HRB, HRD, HRH and the modern HRX models all feature the Hond patented BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) design which, as mentioned above, is clutch between the engine and the blade. This mechanism will stop th blade when the handle is released but allow the engine to continu running unlike the OPC design fitted to the budget HRG models.
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